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Veronica speedwell
5607 landscape
Tiger swallowtail
Tiger swallowtail 2
Gulf Fritillary 2
Monarch 2
Giant swallowtail
Photo book 2007 - 244
Jujube - bee on blossom
Elderberry blossom close-up
Bumblebees on corn blossoms
Leaf footed bug from side
Magnolia Stellata - closed bloom
Butterfly on pluot blosom
Honey bee on pluot
Gray hairstreak on pluot
Star magnolia in bloom
Magness pear blossom
Apple blossom bud
Apple blossom
Grape blossom 2
Goumi blossom
Blueberry blossom 1
Blueberry blossom 1
Blueberry blossoms 2
Compact stella blossom
Asian pear blossom
Japanese maple and fountain
Japanese maple & azaleas
Dogwoods & azaleas
Jujube blossoms
Blackberries immature
Grape blossom 3
Elderberry bush in flower
Artichoke blossom with bugs
Artichoke with bee
Artichoke with disappearing bee
Blue fortune hyssop
Artichoke blossom with skipper 2
Sweet autumn clematis
Sweet autumn clematis blossom
Turk's cap
Eggplant blossom
Apricot - blenheim in bloom
Apricot - blenheim bloom portrait
Apricot - Blenheim bloom landscape
Plum - morris in strong bloom
Plum - allred in bloom
Cherry - royal lee blossom